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Since September 2016, one child from each class (Years 2-6) makes up the team of 15 Eco-Rangers who meet with Mrs Loly, once a month, to carry out environmental reviews; decide on what areas we need to become more environmentally friendly and help to implement changes.

Our Eco-Rangers

Our Eco-Rangers 1 Class 1: Jack
Our Eco-Rangers 2 Class 2: Lola
Our Eco-Rangers 3 Class 3: Taylor
Our Eco-Rangers 4 Class 4: Shanae
Our Eco-Rangers 5 Class 5: Alice
Our Eco-Rangers 6 Class 6: Aaliyah
Our Eco-Rangers 7 Class 7: Holly
Our Eco-Rangers 8 Class 8: Mackenzie
Our Eco-Rangers 9 Class 9: Grace
Our Eco-Rangers 10 Class 10: Francis
Our Eco-Rangers 11 Class 11: Owen
Our Eco-Rangers 12 Class 12: Oscar
Our Eco-Rangers 13 Class 13: Jamie
Our Eco-Rangers 14 Class 14: Sophiia
Our Eco-Rangers 15 Class 15: Alex

Oldway Eco-Rangers

Summary of Our Environmental Review

Before Christmas, we carried out an environmental review at Oldway School, these are our findings:


Litter / Bins:

We found very little litter around our school so we are happy that people are using the bins well.



We have recycling bins in or outside every class in the school, but sometimes paper is being thrown in the waste bins instead of the recycling bins. Please remember to recycle paper.

We checked with the office and they told us that the school buys things made from recycled materials.



This is a big area we need to improve on. Lights and whiteboards are being left on in empty classrooms.



Dripping taps and leaks are usually fixed quickly, so we do not waste water.


School Grounds and Biodiversity:

We have garden and outdoor learning areas.



Many families walk to school or at least walk part of the way. More people who live near to school could consider walking to school rather than coming by car.


Healthy Living:

Our school promotes a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy food, drinking water and regular exercise.


Global Perspective:

We think some people at our school think about the environment and how we affect it, but more people need to care for the environment and think about how our actions affect other people.


We would like the help of everyone who is a part of Oldway School to care for the environment as well as we can.


Thank you,


Oldway Eco-Rangers

Y2: Alex, Sophiia and Jamie 

Y3: Oscar, Owen and Francis

Y4: Grace, Mackenzie and Holly 

Y5: Aaliyah, Alice and Shanae

Y6: Taylor, Lola and Jack


January 2017