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Mr N Harman, Class 5

I was born in London within a few miles of Highbury – the home of football. After leaving school, I studied History at Nottingham University. I didn’t start teaching until the age of 30, having previously spent my time travelling, managing electrical shops and working as a self-employed landscape gardener and waterfall designer – as well as living in  Australia for a couple of years.
Following 4 years teaching at a junior school in Guildford, I relocated to Paignton to be closer to my wife’s family in Plymouth. I’ve been teaching at Oldway since 2002, my wife teaches at Oldway and both my children (now teenagers) have attended the school. In my spare time I enjoy watching most sports and I’ve been involved with local youth sport with Roselands Football Club. I’m currently part of the committee at Paignton Cricket Club. My ambitions are to see Manchester United get relegated from the Premiership and for my King Charles Cavalier to be obedient and well-behaved!