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Spellings 9th June 2017  We have been investigating the i before e except after c rule and some exception words.  Words to learn over the following fortnight: neighbour, weight, sleigh, beige, receive, receipt, deceit and deceive.  Children will be tested on these words on Fridays
Spellings 28th April 2017  We have been investigating the words that contain a ch.  We have found that the ch can make a 'sh' sound as in parachute, a 'K' sound as in character or a 'ch' sound as in challenge.  Words to learn this fortnight, along with personal spellings include; schedule, archaeology, character, machine and parachute.
Spellings 31.3.17 - This week we have looked at words making the 'shun' sound.  We have learnt that when the shun sound is associated with a person's job the spelling is 'cian' most other shun sounds are made with the 'tion' sound. Spellings to learn include; relaxation, magician, optician, electrician, multiplication, determination, information. Personal spellings will have been sent home with your child in their homework books.
Spellings 17.3.17  We are continuing to learn how to spell and the meanings of homophones.  Words for the next fortnight are: Peace and piece, medal and meddle, groan and grown, great and grate, missed and mist.

Spellings Friday 3rd March

Over the next fortnight we will be learning about homophones.  These are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Children will not only be tested on the spelling of the following homophones, but will have to ensure that they apply the meaning of each word correctly. Spellings to learn are: accept ( I accept the gift.) except (Everyone can have a sweet except for you!), weather (It was warm, sunny weather.), whether (I don't know whether I can go to the party or not.) and reign (Queen Elizabeth II has had the longest reign of all the British monarchs.)

Spellings Friday 10th February

We have been collecting and investigating words that end with ous sound. Spellings to be learnt over the next fortnight include:

infectious, poisonous, various, mysterious, enormous

Friday 27th January We have been looking at words that have the spelling pattern sion at the end of the word.  Spelling words for the next fortnight are: division, television, collision, confusion and decision. These, along with children's personal spellings will be tested over the next two weeks.

Friday 13th January

We have been looking at words that end in 'sure' and 'ture'. Spellings that the children need to learn, as well as their own personal spellings, are: 

pleasure, furniture, treasure, miniature and measure

Friday 9th December

We have been looking at words with the prefix ly.  We have found that these words are adverbs - they tell us how the verb was done.  We have investigated how the root word may change when ly is added to a word.  We found that normally ly is just added to the end of the word. If the word ends in a y the y changes to an i and then ly is added. If the word ends in an e the e is dropped and ly is added. If the word ends in a c then ally is added. There are exceptions to these rules!  These exception words will be our focus for the next two weeks: famously, purposefully, extremely, separately and probably.

25th November 2016

This week children have been investigating words with a y that makes an i sound as in Myth.

Words that we are learning include: myth, gymnastics, Egypt, Pyramid and mystery, 

There are more...can you find any?

14th October 2016

We have been looking at words that start with the prefix 'un'.  We have investigated how this prefix changes the meaning of the root word and means not or opposite. Words for the children to learn over the next fortnight, along with their own personal spellings are:

unknown, unhealthy, unfasten, unbelievable and unwilling

30th September

Children have been looking at adding the suffix ation to root words.  We have looked at how the root word may be modified (dropping of the e etc).  Children will have been given 5 new personal spelling words to learn over the next fortnight as well as the 5 ation words listed below.  Don't forget that children can continue to learn the spellings from the Y3/4 word list that they have stuck in the front of their homework book too!

imagination, relation, organisation, situation and communication. 

23rd September 2016

Children are continuing to learn their 5 personal spellings and the er, en words.  New spellings will be given next week.

Spelling homework - 16.9.16

Children have been learning about how the suffixes er and en alter root words.  In addition to their 5 personal spellings that the children will come home with, these are spellings we would like the children to learn over the next fortnight.

Lighter, quicker, flatten, lengthen, friendlier.