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Termly Events

Spring Term 2017


w/c 2nd Jan

Jan 3rd

Non Pupil Day

Jan 4th

Pupils start



w/c 9th Jan

Jan 11th

OSF meeting at Boathouse, 7pm

Jan 13th

Closing date for Reception 2017 applications

Jan 13th

Curriculum Plans out to Parents



w/c 16th Jan

Jan 16th

Termly SEN review meetings start

Jan 17th

Year 5 & 6 cake sale

Jan 19th

Year 5/6 basketball at PCSA

Jan 19th

Years 4/5/6 – e-safety show



w/c 23rd Jan

Jan 25th

Performing Arts to Young Voices in Birmingham

Jan 26th

Year 3/4 basketball at PCSA



w/c 30th Jan

Feb 1st

Year 3 INSITE morning

Feb 1st

SEN meetings with parents

Feb 2nd

Year 1/2 hand ball at PCSA

 Feb 3rd  Year 3 Roman Day



w/c 6th Feb

Feb 7th

EYFS cake sale (Valentine)

Feb 7th

Year 3 ‘Night At The Museum’

Feb 8th

Local Governing Body

Feb 9th

KS2 OSF discos

Feb 10th

Finish for half term



w/c 13th Feb

*****HALF TERM *****



w/c 20th Feb

Feb 20th

Return to school

Feb 22nd

EYFS/KS1 Unsung Heroes @ 2pm

Feb 23rd

KS2 Unsung Hero Awards @ 2pm



w/c 27th Feb

Feb 28th

Trustees meeting

Feb 28th

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Mar 1st

Life Education classroom x 3 days

Mar 1st

Secondary School Allocation Day

Mar 2nd

World Book Day

Mar 2nd

Year 3/4 outdoor education at PCSA

Mar 2nd

Parent-Teacher Consultations



w/c 6th March

Mar 6th

Year 6 residential week

Mar 7th

Y2 SATs Workshop for Parents, 2pm in KS1 Hall

Mar 9th

Year 1/2 multi-skills at PCSA



w/c 13th March

Mar 16th

Year 5/6 outdoor education at PCSA

Mar 20th & 21st

Torbay Schools’ Festival of Performing Arts



w/c 20th March

Mar 21st

Whole school cake sale (Easter)

Mar 22nd

Last night of Torbay Schools’ Festival of Performing Arts

Mar 23rd

Year 6 Parents - SATS meeting



w/c 27th March

Mar 27th

Class 17 INSITE morning

Mar 28th

Class 16 INSITE morning

Mar 28th

Year 5 Egyptian Day

Mar 28th

Year 4 Sleepover at Eden Project -meeting for parents

Mar 29th

Class 18 INSITE morning

Mar 29th

Class 6 and ½ Class 5 INSITE am

Mar 30th

Class 4 and ½ Class 5 INSITE am

Mar 31st

Easter Assembly

Mar 31st

Last day and finish for Easter holidays


INSITE events 2016/17 for parents



23rd November 2016, 10:15 - 11:45 & 13:45 - 15:15



21st November 2016 - Class 21

22nd November 2016 - Class 20

23rd November 2016 - Class 19


Year 1 

27th March 2017  – Class 17

28th March 2017 – Class 16

29th March 2017 – Class 18


Year 2

12th October 2016, am


Year 3

1st February 2017, am


Year 4

29th November 2016, am


Year 5

29th March 2017 - Class 6 and ½ Class 5

30th March 2017  – Class 4 and ½ Class 5


Year 6

25th May 2017, am


Active Kids 2017 at Sainsburys

Active Kids 2017 at Sainsburys  1