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There is a warmth evident throughout Oldway Primary School, a feeling of family, of love and of care.  The teachers and children fill the school with a sense of happiness, fun and a love for learning.
We are situated in the heart of Torbay, a vibrant coastal resort, and that environment is reflected in the experiences offered to the children, whether it be through art residentials at Blackpool Sands, or regular trips to the beach, just a few hundred yards away, to study the marine wildlife. We aim to make our locality an intrinsic part of the children’s education.
As a teaching school designated by the Department for Education, we work at the forefront of education, supporting local schools, and working collaboratively with schools across the South West to ensure that children at Oldway get the very best education available; this is reflected in our consistently high standards of attainment in academic subjects.
Achieving academic excellence is a goal for every child at Oldway, but we also strive to reveal and harness the personal talents and interests of every pupil and provide access to a broad and varied curriculum as well as a wide range of after school clubs.
We aim to ensure that every child benefits from our excellent facilities, including our heated indoor swimming pool, where children learn life-saving skills as well as the statutory swimming curriculum.
Oldway School is a happy place where children learn to be part of a diverse community, where they are prepared for life beyond primary school and where learning is an experience to be enjoyed.
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Stewart Biddles,


CEO Riviera Education Trust