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11th October 2016

It has been a busy time at school and as usual I am extremely proud of the work our children are doing.


In the last ten days, two pupils have come to me to ask if I can help to promote fundraising they are doing for those less fortunate than themselves. As a result, Louis was on our playground screen promoting his cake sale for MacMillan and at the end of this half-term we will have a fancy dress non-uniform day to support Xena Davies work to support a local group of refugee families.


Our harvest festival on Monday saw you donating masses of goods for Anode to distribute to the local community. It is hard to believe that people can still be struggling to afford food in this modern age, but our help is needed more than ever.


Year Five have been learning how to ride with confidence, and their cycling skills are now good enough to see them ride on the road safely. Such an important life skill.


The children have really taken on board our work on resilience. This month's value is INDEPENDENCE. We will keep working on our resilience but we will also be talking to the children about how they can be more independent. Perhaps they can start by carrying their own bags to school... I know my children would benefit from independent lunch making!