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13th June 2016

A great return to school after the half-term break and so much happening. Each of the Year Two classes visited Preston beach, where they learned about the habitats of different sea creatures, including a lesson classifying the types of crustacean found on the beach by their shell type. I was lucky enough to be able to go with Class 15 on Wednesday and as well as being impressed by the behaviour and concentration of the children (as always), I was approached by many members of the public who commented on the delightful behaviour and manners of our children. To top it off, the weather was fantastic!


Year Four had an exciting day out in Cornwall at the Eden Project on Friday. They visit was so successful, cementing their learning on the rainforest, that they are booking up again for next year, and may even book an overnight stay!


On Friday, just like hundreds of schools around the country, we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday. Just as some of us will remember the wedding of Charles and Diana being celebrated in schools, we hope that the children will have fond memories of this day for years to come. We also hope that the children have learned a little more about the Queen's role in our modern British society.


Today we have had to postpone the Nursery and Reception sports day, as the weather has meant that the field is so wet it would be dangerous to go ahead. A real shame, but we have a new date of 27th June which we hope will be fine and sunny!



You may have seen in the local newspapers that a new school for Paignton is planned to open in September 2018. The proposed site for the school is the current Torbay School site, just yards from Oldway School.


The trustees of our academy trust, along with myself and Debbie Main (Headteacher at Roselands School) believe that it would be in the best interests of our community if we were involved in the opening of the new school. We believe that as outstanding schools that are regularly forced to turn away parents who want their children to experience education in our schools, we should use this opportunity to provide extra school spaces within our trust.


The school would be part of our academy trust, but a school in its own right. It would replicate the curriculum and ethos that we hold so dear at Oldway. Initially the school would open with just Reception year group and would grow with these children. The staff would work with other staff across our trust and the school will provide further opportunities for our own staff to develop and learn.


Our basic information leaflet is attached below. If you would like to show your support for our trust opening this new school, please sign the support form in the school office or at the school gate, where SLT will have copies available. Also, I will be available on the gates each morning to answer any questions you may have.


New School Leaflet