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Good afternoon Year 4.


We apologise for the delay today uploading the Maths video.
Technology has been blocking us at every turn!

We hope we have finally found a way to share a link to a  'How To' video for today's maths.


Some of you may have already completed the tasks without the video, and some of you might have waited to watch it.

We understand that it is now the afternoon, so please only complete if you can.


Copy and paste the link below into your browser, and then download. It will take a couple of minutes but has been tried and tested!

Fingers crossed no more hiccups!


Thank you for your patience! :)

Today's home learning plan

English - Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Year 4 :)

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with uploading a maths video this morning.

While it is unavailable, please complete the other home learning tasks for today.

Then, if you have completed the other tasks, you are more than welcome to have a look at the maths task (which is online) and if you feel you understand what to do and are confident, you can go ahead. However if you would like to wait for the video that will talk through the learning that is also fine. It will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Year 4 Team