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18th November 2016

It's been a great few (busy) weeks since my last blog.


Congratulations to our Y3/4 football team who convincingly beat Cockington (7:0) on Friday afternoon. Also good luck to our Y5/6 team who play Hayes on Monday, as well as our girls team who are away to Preston. A timely reminder that school is more than just Maths and English!


Following on the theme of a broad curriculum, last week saw over two thirds of our Year 5 children attend our Art Residential at Slapton Sands. A brilliant week in which the children produced some stunning artwork based on our school's favourite authors and stories. Their amazing artwork will be proudly displayed in the new library, which we hope will be stocked with exciting books and up and running by the new Spring Term.


We have held several INSITE mornings, inviting you to come into school and these have been incredibly successful - the only negative comments being that they are just not long enough! We have also had prospective parents visiting the school in the last couple of weeks, and for the first time, the Year 6 children were in charge of the tours - what a great idea! The parents loved the tours and they commented on what wonderful children our Year 6s are - I couldn't agree more!