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19th July 2016

2015-16 has been a fantastic year at Oldway School. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year here as headteacher, and it has certainly been eventful: Assemblies for 700 children; four nativities, four sports days (just); KS1 productions; performing arts shows; £1000s raised for charity and the school; residential trips to Slapton and Heatree; dozens of school visits from the Eden Project to @Bristol and everywhere in between; cultural arts week; ice-creams on the playground; and even a bomb scare! 
Add to that the exciting curriculum activities like: the Year 1 zoo, Year 2 rockets, Year 3’s Roman Museum, Year 4s viking experience, Year 5’s Egyptian day and Year 6’s fairgrounds and Shakespeare topics, not to mention Reception’s pet visits and Nursery’s baking. To top it all, we have had a fantastic year of sport with children representing the County and Oldway teams doing extremely well in our local competitive sports. 
There has been so much going on that I can’t possibly list everything!
Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.
I hope that you have a lovely summer with your children and look forward to seeing you over the last few days of the year and then again when school resumes on Monday 5th September.