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3rd May 2016

After a long bank holiday weekend, it was great to come back to school with the sun shining. Everyone was smiling and the children were full of life.


My assembly for Foundation Stage talked about how we all work better as part of a team, and I talked with the children about the members of the team that are looking out for them. We worked out that with all of their friends (680 children), all of the staff (120 adults) and all of their families there are well over 800 people working for each one of us in our team.


It feels good to know that there are so many people ready to help us and work with us. That's what makes it great to be part of a large school community.


I spent time in several classes today and was impressed, as usual, by the purposeful learning taking place  - Year Six preparing for grammar tests that would challenge many adults.


To end a wonderful day, I bought an ice-cream from the OSF who were fundraising in the playground after school.