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6th November 2017

It seems so long since I last wrote here and so much has happened - too much for my little blog!


We've had several INSITE mornings - great to see so many parents in school and the evaluations as always have been phenomenal.


Our sports teams have had a number of matches and all have equipped themselves well. I'm always proud to relay news of excellent behaviour and success on the sports field.


Our school values continue to be embedded and as we come round to revisit, I'm really pleased to let you know how well the children remembered resilience and how eloquently they could explain this important value.


Our first KS1 disco was a huge success and I can't wait for the next high octane, sugar-fuelled night (I know, it goes against our healthy schools work, but every now and then it's good to have a treat isn't it!).


Soon the first residential visit of the year takes place and Year 5 will be heading off to Start Bay for their residential. They always bring back stunning artwork, and this year it will be decorating the shared area outside the Y5 classrooms.


After that, it will be nearly Christmas and we will be watching nativities and performances... How many shopping days to go..?