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Alien Underpants!

Today we had a bit of a surprise when we spotted a massive pair of pants on the playground at playtime! They didn't even fit Miss Derby... can you believe it? We looked at the pants closely and spotted a label that said "If found, refer to the Alien Pants Directory". How shocked we were! Can you believe we saw pants in our playground, and alien pants no less? 


Our job for today was the measure pants in different ways, but the aliens had stolen our rulers! Maybe they don't want us to find out who the pants belong to? What a scary thought that is! We decided to use other things that we have in our room, like beadstrings, dominos and pencils. We discussed how important it is to use things that are the same length, or you might get a different answer every time. We also discussed which part of the pants we should measure to get an accurate measure.


"You need to go from the lowest point of the pants to the highest or it wouldn't be right because it isn't the full height. It could be different every time you measure!" - JB, Class 15

"This shows me why we use centimetres. We use them on rulers or metres because there's always an equal gap between each one, so we'd always get the same number." - ED, Class 15

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Today, we received a few pictures of aliens to practice our measuring. We had already decided that we should measure with centimetres, but now we came back to the same problem we had the day before... if an alien has a wide part and a thinner part, which part do we measure to get the accurate width? We had lots of discussions in our pairs and created a Comprehensive List of Aliens to practise using the Alien Pants Directory!


"The height of the alien is 5cm and 7cm. [There are 2 measurements because] the eyes are at different levels so he's taller at one part and shorter at the other part." - DB, Class 15

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Today we found out that Miss Derby had a delivery for Alien Pants Washing Day! Luckily, Miss Derby had already washed the pants for us, because otherwise they would be covered in slime. How disgusting that would be! Miss Derby gave us the instruction of hanging out the pants to dry, with one instruction... we had to organise them by their measurements. She didn't tell us which part to measure, or which order to put them in.


We found that there were lots of different ways to measure the pants. Some of us measured the length along the top, some measured the widest part, some measured diagonally, some measured the height of the pants... altogether, we found 7 different ways to organise the pants, but we're sure there would be even more if we kept trying!


GT: "Measure along the top because that's the widest part."

TG: "Oh!"

GT: "What's wrong?"

TG: "On this pair it's a different size... this part is the longest in the middle."

- GT and TG, Class 15

Today, our job was to draw our own pairs of pants and organise them using inequality symbols. We discussed the different ways to measure them and that the greater than, less than and equal symbols were different based on their heights, widths, diagonal lines or leg lines. 

Monday 18th June 2018

Today was the day we had all been waiting for...


We received the Alien Pants Directory (or APD for the Alien Pants Experts)! How excited we were! We opened it up and found a large APD for us to use with the massive alien pants, but we didn't really know which part of the pants to measure, so we also had a mini APD to use with some practice pants. We measured the pants carefully and managed to complete the mini APD in record time!


Then we looked at the large APD. Without even using our rulers, we ruled out Hixtape and Jick as our alien, because their pants were 16cm and 10cm wide, which is far smaller than our pants! We then looked at a metre stick and ruled out Lintay because his pants were 82cm high, which was far too tall for our alien! 


With careful measurements and by using the metre stick accurately, we found out that our alien was Moo! Now we just need to write a letter to Moo and hope that he gets his pants back...