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We have had a super first week in the nursery!












We love mark making in different ways.
















We have been enjoying all of the different activities each day. We use a visual timetable. This helps us to know what we will be doing and what order it will happen. Look at all of the activities that we do.



We start off our day with our welcome song. We enjoy saying hello to all of our friends. We think about what we could say to our friends.

Next we enjoy 'wake and shake' where we follow and join in with different dances. Here we were pretending to be crabs.

Now its activities and choosing time, inside and out of the classroom.





Mrs Woods then rings the bell as it's carpet time. When we hear the bell we stop like statues and hold up our hands. We tidy up and are all ready on the carpet by the time Mrs Woods counts to 10.


Today in literacy we were listening to and joining in with our favourite nursery rhymes. We then had to guess from the clues in Mrs Woods basket, which nursery rhyme would be next.

At snack time we sing our circle song. Once we are sitting in our circle we enjoy our snack song. We try hard to try the different fruit as well as remember our please and thank your. We have star helpers each day who hand out our fruit.