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Coronavirus updates

23rd March 2020


Dear parents/carers of children entitled to Free School Meals,


From today, we will be distributing Tesco gift cards to the value of £25 per child for each school-age child in receipt of Free School Meals.  These vouchers are to be used to provide food for your child in lieu of school not being open during this period of school closure.  To clarify, Free School Meal entitlement is NOT the Universal Free School Meals (UFSM) for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils.  Free School Meal eligibility is means tested (more information is available on


Please email with your child's name and class number so we can confirm you have received the gift card.  These are being delivered by hand today to your home address.


We will clarify the arrangements for FSM vouchers after this week, once the government issues further guidelines.


Thank you in advance.


Finance Team

Riviera Education Trust

See below a copy of an urgent email that is being sent to parents/carers today



20th March 2020


Good morning


The government has finally provided clarification regarding those that are deemed 'key workers' (links below).


Despite school closure for the majority of pupils, Oldway will be open for children of key workers, to provide childcare so that these parents/carers can continue to work. The guidance also states that 'if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be'.


So that we can make staffing arrangements for Monday and the foreseeable future, please respond as a matter of urgency if your employer deems your role as crucial.


Please delete as appropriate:

I am a key worker and I need childcare at Oldway for my child/ren.
I am a key worker but I do not need childcare at Oldway for my child/ren.
Child/ren's name(s):
Parent name:
Parent role and employer: 
Shift working pattern, i.e days needed:


19th March 2020


Dear parents/carers, staff and governors


Please see the attached letter from Stewart Biddles, CEO, following the government's announcement yesterday that all schools in England are to close at the end of the day tomorrow.  When we have received clarification from the Local Authority and Department of Education today regarding the pupils for which childcare provision remains, we will send further information about arrangements for these children for next week.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


With very best wishes


Mrs Meyer

Head of School

18th March 2020


Dear parents/carers


Please see today's coronavirus and school update from Mr Biddles, CEO.  There is a planned education announcement from the government at 5pm today so we will send further information as soon as we can.


Thank you for your ongoing support at these unsettling and challenging times.


Mrs Meyer

Head of School