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Sam P, Darcie B, Izabella O, Bobby L, Piper B, Esme H, Archie D, Meghan B, Jenson M, Tehya G, Ruth H, Isabel V-S

Our team of Eco-Rangers meet with Mrs Talbot once a month, to carry out environmental reviews, decide on what areas we need to become more environmentally friendly and help to implement changes.

On this page will be updates on our progress and projects throughout the year. If anyone has any good suggestions of how we can help our environment, please speak to your class representatives below, so that they can bring it to discuss at our meetings.  





Oldway Eco-Rangers


We have decided to start a scheme call Bic Terracycle.  Each class will have their own recycling box, which they can put plastic pens, felt tips pens and white boards in.  When it is full, we can take it a collection point and help raise money for charity.  We have also been asked to take over lost property in the school.  We will check lost property every two weeks and return named items of clothing to their owner.  Any lost property without a name, will be saved and we'll put pictures on the school website, for parents to come and claim at the end of each term!