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Home learning - school closure

Welcome to our home learning page. Here, you can access the work set for your children whilst school is closed. 


We understand that not every activity will work for you in your home with what you have access to, and we have tried our best to keep it as simple as possible. If you have any issues, are confused, don't understand the work set or would just like to give us some helpful feedback, please let your child's class teacher know via the designated email address for your class or during your weekly phone-call. We will be receiving emails throughout the day whilst in school and will email back as soon as we can. We will absolutely be here to support you and your children through this difficult time.


Thank you for your support and understanding. We will make it through this together! :)


Miss Derby


Class email addresses

Please share your child's work with their class teacher via the following email addresses:

Mr Harman's class:

Miss Derby's class:

Mr Dale's class:



Summer holidays

We are not expecting you to be doing any work in the holidays, but if you are worried about filling another 6 weeks at home, there are some completely optional activity booklets here if you'd like to have something to keep your lovelies busy during the summer!