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Spellings in Year 3 look different to how they were in Year 2. Rather than sending home a list of words to practise, we will be sending home a note which explains the rule that we are learning over the half term. We will be practising these spelling rules in school, and the children will have two tests. After the first test, the children will bring their spellings home. If you think they need a little more practice, you can use the example words given in the spelling test. However, the children will then be tested on different words the next week.


We are learning rules and not a list of words. It is not possible to send home a list of words for the spelling tests, as there are hundreds of words that follow the same rule. As teachers, we understand that this is more difficult to learn at home, which is why we are spending longer on spellings in class. You can still ask children to practise their spellings by giving them words which follow the rules or asking them to remind you what the rule they're learning is. Please ask your class teacher if you need any help with this. 


Please see below for the spelling information sheets.