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Homework is due in on Thursday 4th July.

Homework- 14/06/19


Maths homework is due next Thursday (20/06/19)



Spellings will be tested on Friday 28th June.


Group A                     Group B

exaggerate                 hope

exaggerating              hopeful

definite                       hopeless 

definitely                    hoping

recognise                   hoped

recognisable              tuneful

programme                tuning

programmable           rehearse 

immediate                  rehearsing 

immediately               rehearsal




Homework- 10/05/19




Group A                   Group B

accommodation        mice

definition                   rice

possession               police

expression                notice

occasion                   dice

conclusion                action

mansion                   fraction

politician                  musician

mathematician         politician  

musician                  magician



Maths homework is due in for the Thursday 16th May.

Homework- 26/04/19


MyMaths homework has been set and is due in by Thursday 2nd April.



These spellings will be tested on Friday 11th of May.

Group A                    Group B

enough                     heard

thorough                   heart

plough                      learn

neighbour                 colour

colour                       favour

favour                       cough

mischievous             enough

marvellous               though

disastrous                thought 

conscious                through




Due for Thursday 4th of April. 

Homework this week is a times table activity - please see your class teacher if you don't have one!



20 homophones to learn this fortnight- test will be on Friday 15th March.


they're           of 

their               off

there              to

here               two

hear               too

our                 blue

are                 blew 

where            heel

were              heal

we're             he'll


Maths Homework - Due in 15th March 2019

Homework- 07/02/19


These will be tested the week we return after half term (01/03/19)


Don't forget to learn your Year 5/6 spelling list as well :)


Group A                    Group B

Writer                         Drag

Written                       Dragged

Wettest                      Stop

Winning                     Stopping

Rider                         Writer

Ridden                      Written

Appreciate                Rider

Appreciating             Ridden  

Averaging                 Hoped

Inconveniencing       Hopped



Maths homework has been set on MyMaths and is due in next Thursday (14/02/19)



Maths Homework

Due in on the 31st of January.

Homework - January 25th 2019




Group A                 Group B

Centre                    City

Century                  Circle

Certain                   Circus

Circle                     Decimal

Circus                    Cent

Ceiling                   Centre

Excellent               Century

Especially              Cell

Ancient                  Certain

Criticise                 Fancy




Homework 18th January 2019


MyMaths homework has been set and is due on the 24/01/19.


Spellings will be tested next Friday (25/01/19).

Spellings 11th January


Group A                  Group B


Distrustful                 Care        

Ungrateful                Careful

Beautiful                  Colour

Bountiful                  Colourful

Shoulder                  Plenty

Soldier                     Plentiful

Stomach                  Peace

Sufficient                 Peaceful

Suggest                   Beauty

System                    Beautiful

Friday 9th November


Homework this week is on MyMaths, there are two activities to complete and the children have until 22/11/18 due to Art Residential. 


Current Spellings













Always remember to read at home at least 5 times a week, learn your times tables and your year 5 and 6 curriculum spellings!

Take of photo of yourself reading in an unusual place. See the current reading display in year 5 if you need some ideas. Enjoy reading :)!