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Making pesto

Year 3 have been tasting different herbs in D&T and are now using herbs to make different savory dishes.


We started with a nut free pesto. To make the pesto, we:

  • Cut an avacado in half around the stone. Removed the stone using a knife. Peeled the avacado using our fingers. 
  • Sliced the avacado into thin slices and cut these slices in half, leaving us with little chunks. 
  • Put the avacado into a bowl.
  • Added sliced strips of basil to taste.
  • Added a small grind of salt.
  • Mushed the avacado with a fork and mixed in the basil and salt.
  • Tasted the pesto - does it need more salt? If so, add some veggie parmesan. 
  • When we were happy with the taste, added cooked, cooled pasta. 


We needed one avacado, some basil leaves, salt, oil and veggie parmesan (sometimes called "hard cheese").


Have a look at the fun we had below: