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Oldway's Advent Calendar 2020

This year, Oldway is creating its own special, online Advent calendar to 'open' each day which will reveal a Christmas treat to share!  This may be a Christmas song, a Christmas joke, a Christmas story, a gallery of Christmas artwork or a Christmas show - all performed by our wonderfully talented Oldway children.  Enjoy!  


Click on the links below to 'open' the calendar!

1 December 2020

A window of our online, Oldway Advent calendar will be ready to open each day during December.   No peeking until the 1 December!


Click on the link:






2 December 2020


Click on the link below for a surprise from class 6!

3 December 2020


The Christmas Nativity, brought to you by Nursery:

4 December 2020


Click on the link below for a special Christmas song from Class 20! 

5 December 2020

Class 11 perform Nine of the Night by Cornish poet Charles Causley. We took this version from the book "I am the Tree that Grew the Seed" which is one of our Year 3 recommended reads!


Click here to watch! Merry Christmas from Class 11. 

6 December 2020

We hope that you enjoy watching our Oldway Nursery Elves!

7 December 2020


Click the link below for a special Christmas song.

Merry Christmas love Class 21!

8 December 2020


Happy Christmas from Class 19!

9 December 2020


We have practiced very hard in Y1 and learnt the story of Little Robin Red Vest. Enjoy!


10 December 2020


We have tried very hard in year 1 and practiced the Christmas song 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas!' 

We even came up with our own actions to help us to remember the words!

Watch it here:

We hope you enjoy it!

11 December 2020


We have been practicing this song at school and it is one of our favourites! 


We hope you enjoy it!


Watch our 'Magic Penny Song' here:

12 December 2020


The children of Class 5 have been practising hard with their ukuleles to bring you some Christmas cheer!

13 December 2020


Click below for a special Christmas treat from the children of Class 4!


14 December 2020


Year 2 have been busy learning the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.  Click below:

15 December 2020


Year 2 have been busy creating Christmas cards and calendars for 2021!

16 December 2020


Merry Christmas from Year 2! 

17 December 2020


Bad weather? No singing inside?

Find out how our year 6 children got their Christmas spirit back...

18 December 2020


Year 6 have been designing and making tapestry Christmas cards. Click on the link to see our work.

19 December 2020


Class 10 have been busy learning how to sing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French and Makaton. We hope you enjoy!

20 December 2020

Merry Christmas from Class 12! I hope you enjoy listening to this classic Christmas story. :)

21 December 2020


Merry Christmas from all in Class 7.


22 December 2020


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Class 8. 

We hope you enjoy our performance.

23 December 2020


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Class 9.


24 December 2020


Here is our Nativity from the Reception children - we hope you enjoy it!

25 December 2020


Merry Christmas, everyone!  Wishing you a special Christmas Day - and a happy and healthy new year!