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Science Week  10th - 17th March This week we have been scientists!  We have learnt how electricity is made, we have learnt about renewable and non-renewable sources of power.  We have made circuits and used symbols to draw our circuits.  We investigated what material is the best to conduct electricity.  We researched Thomas Edison and wrote biographies about him.  We have also looked at how important it is to keep safe around electricity. It has been a busy week!

Science week 10th - 17th March

We made windmills.
We saw how they could be used to make electricity.
We made changes to see what happened to them.
We made simple circuits
We added extra components and noticed the change.
We learnt how parallel circuits worked
We investigated motors.
We used circuit diagrams to help us make circuits
We made human circuits with an energy ball!

Thomas Edison - We researched this famous scientist in our Science week and wrote biographies about his life. Have a read!

World Book Day - We dressed up and chose a book from our new library!

10.2.17. Today we made some fantastic collages inspired by the work of Van Gogh. Can you tell which pictures we tried to recreate?

13.1.17 - After writing playscripts in our English lessons, we used our skills to turn the story of the Gruffalo into a play. We made masks and acted our plays out!

Tag Rugby Festival - Thursday 29th September 2016