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Here is a link to the phonics letter sounds. Have a listen to how we pronounce the sounds and this will support you and your child with their sound pronunciation in preparation for reading and writing.

(or go to the Year  group 'Reception' page and look in videos

Read this book with your child and then have a go at the activities at the back. This encourages your child to find their name and to begin to understand that letters make up different words.


Some phonics activity ideas to do at home

This week we are learning the letter s during phonics. (2nd Nov 20)

We have had a go at saying the letter sound and finding the letter in words around us. You can help your child by saying this sound and finding words that begin with this sound. 

Encourage your child to write the sound using the correct formation. If they are finding it hard to hold the pencil, then write the letter in flour , glitter or paint with their finger. 

I will be sending home the letter formation sheet to go with the letter of the week.

This week we are learning the letter a. (9th Nov 20)

This is a short bouncy sound. Ask your child to bounce their hand up and down as they say the sound the it makes.