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In Nursery we have been looking at and learning different stories altogether. We enjoyed reading 'Going on Bear Hunt' in the Autumn Term. We had a go at using different actions to retell the story and to help us to remember the sequence of the story. We then had a go at acting out the story with our friends. This term we are enjoying reading 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have been helping Mrs Woods to tell the story by acting out the different characters. In the book corner we have been using the puppets and masks to retell and make up our own stories. (You can see some of our story telling on the Spring Page)


We have also enjoyed using the magic story bag to pick out three objects. We then tried hard to tell our own story using the objects that we chose. Finally with some help from our friends we acted out our own stories for the rest of the class to see and hear - we love telling stories and using our imagination. 



  • Read regularly with your child 
  • Talk about the story and the characters
  • Ask your child what they can tell you about the story, do they understand what is happening?
  • Encourage them to make up their own stories and to use their imagination
  • Read a variety of books - fiction and non-fiction
  • Visit the library or change your child's school library book more often if you would like to (just pop in at the end of the day)
  • Have fun