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Sparx Maths


Visit to access Sparx.


Sparx works by initially testing children on their times tables. It finds the ones that they already know and their area of development, and places them into a club. It will then give children a mixture of questions they have already learnt and questions that they need to learn, along with introducing new questions via "speak and learn" techniques. 


Sparx is purely to help children learn questions by rote learning & repetition. It does not teach times tables, but rather is a way for them to practise them with fun & easy to access games. 


Children's username is their full name (e.g. joesmith) and their password is a word, two numbers and another word (e.g. worm88jump). 


It is expected that children complete 30 minutes of Sparx each week, and they have full access to 20 minutes twice a week in class. However, some children enjoy learning via Sparx and will want to do extra at home, which is definitely encouraged to help them reach their full potential!