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Sunny celebration!

Year 2 have been working their socks off this month and we deserved a well earned break, so we decided to go up to the KS2 field and assault course and have some fun! It was super sunny and we managed to burn off some steam very quickly, and when we got back to class we needed a big, big drink! 


Have a look at us having fun on the field. 

(P.S. Class 15, you have been superstars over the last couple of weeks and I want to thank you for doing the best that you could possibly do in our exciting papers from the government. You have really done our class, our school and (most importantly) yourselves proud and I am the happiest teacher in the world right now! We set out to show the government how amazing Year 2 really is and we have definitely succeeded in that! Thank you! Miss Derby ♥)