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Termly Events

Summer Term 2019


w/c 22nd April

 22nd  Easter Monday
 23rd Staff and pupils return
 24th Oldway School Fundraisers' meeting, 7.00pm
 25th Reception height and weight checks
 26th Rainbow Room Coffee Morning
 26th Reception height and weight checks
 26th Curriculum Plans out to parents

w/c 29th April

 29th Tempest in for class photographs
 1st May Participate Arts in with Year 4 all day
 2nd PC Mark Stevens visiting Rainbow Room, a.m.
 2nd Class 8 to PCSA for cricket festival
 3rd Tempest in for photos 'mop-up'
 4th (Saturday) School Direct Open Morning (Primary teacher training)

w/c 6th May

 6th May Day Bank Holiday
 8th 14 x Year 4s out a.m. for Participate Arts group
 9th Year 1 to Christ Church, 9.30am
 9th Year 4 to Eden Project for sleepover
 9th Year 5 to Cockington
 9th Class 14 to PCSA for strike and field festival
 9th Safeguarding training for Governors, 5.00pm

w/c 13th May

 13th Year 6 SATs this week - Monday to Thursday
 13th SEND meetings with parents this week
 15th Governors' monitoring visit in school
 16th Class 5 to PCSA for rounders festival

w/c 20th May

 20th KS2 Riviera Education Trust Sports Day a.m.
 20th Year 5/6 boys' Kwik Cricket Festival @ Newton Abbot, 12.00 - 4.00pm
 22nd South Devon College performance to Year 1 children, a.m.
 23rd Outdoor Classroom Day
 23rd OSF Discos: Year 2 & 3 @ 5.00 - 6.00pm, Years 4, 5 & 6 @ 6.15 - 7.15pm
 24th Reception 'Wiggle Walk' and visit to Preston Sands
 24th Non-uniform day - charity to be confirmed
 w/c 27th May *****HALF TERM *****

w/c 3rd June


 3rd Non-pupil day - in-school training for support staff
 3rd Report writing day for teachers
 3rd Year 5/6 girls' Kwick Cricket Festival @ Newton Abbot, 12.00 - 4.00pm
 4th Riviera Education Trust Arts Week
 5th No Samba Club today
 7th Participate Arts event
7th Arts Week exhibition at Torre Abbey

w/c 10th June

 10th Year 1 Phonics screening this week
 10th PCSA teachers to meet Year 6s transitioning to PCSA in Sept and Year 6 teachers, 11.30am
 10th Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Sports Day, 1.15pm
 12th Local Standards Board governors' meeting, 5.30pm
 14th Non-uniform day in aid of tombola prize donations for Summer Fair
 14th Reception classes visit to Pennywell Farm

w/c 17th June

 17th Home visits this week for new Reception children
 17th KS2 Sports Day, 1.15pm
 20th Class 16 to PCSA for football festival
 21st Lifesaving Day with 'Above Water' for Years 5 & 6
 21st Cake donations for Summer Fair
 21st Setup for Summer Fair
 22nd (Saturday) OSF Summer Fair

w/c 24th June

 24th Sports Day for all Nursery children @ 9.15am - children to arrive in PE kit
 25th Governors' Support Group (SEND), 6.00 - 8.00pm
 26th Finance & Audit Committee meeting, 8.00am
 26th Class 17 visit to Occombe Farm 
 26th New Reception parents' Welcome Meeting, 5.00pm, Conference Room
 27th Class 18 visit to Occombe Farm
 28th Class 16 visit to Occombe Farm

w/c 1st July

 1st Reports out to parents for Nursery to Year 5 children
 1st Visits to Reception classes for new children - Monday - Wednesday
 1st Year 3 trip to Cockington
 2nd Inter-school athletics, 9.30am
 2nd Year 3 trip to Cockington
 3rd Year 3 trip to Cockington
 3rd Nursery parents' Welcome Meeting, 6.00pm, Conference Room
 4th Year 6 induction day to Torbay schools and grammar schools
 4th  Open Evening, 4.00 - 6.00pm, including new members of staff
 5th Transition morning to new classes, inc. new Oldway staff
 5th Year 6 induction day in Torbay schools

w/c 8th July

 8th Nursery home visits this week
 9th KS2 data published
 9th Year 6 reports out to parents
 9th Performing Arts show, 6.00pm
 10th KEVICC Year 6 Induction Day 1
 10th Performing Arts show, 4.30pm
 11th KEVICC Year 6 Induction Day 2
 11th Perfroming Arts show, 6.00pm
 w/c 15th July  
 15th Year 6 Leavers' Ceremony, 6.00pm, Gibson Hall
 16th Trustees' meeting, 8.00am
 17th School Council lunch with Headteacher and Chair of Governors
 19th End of year assembly, 10.00am, Gibson Hall
 19th Last day for children
w/c 22nd July  
 22nd Non-pupil day
 23rd Non-pupil day




For secondary school open days/events, please contact the relevant school direct for further details/to book



INSITE events 2018/19 for parents 

You are warmly invited into school to participate in a collaborative activity with your child.



Monday 26th November (pm) or

Thursday 29th November (pm)



Class 19: Monday 19th November

Class 20: Wednesday 21st November

Class 21: Thursday 22nd November


Year 1 

Class 17: Monday 15th October (am)

Class 18: Wednesday 17th October (am)

Class 16: Thursday 22nd November


Year 2

Friday 12th October (am)


Year 3

Friday 25th January 2019


Year 4

Wednesday 28th November (am)


Year 5

Thursday 7th February 2019 (morning)

Friday 8th February 2019 (morning)


Year 6

Tuesday 13th November (pm)