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Year 6 Ambassadors' Pollination Project

24th May 2021


We were determined to get back out today even though it was still a little wet. Firstly we went to check on the progress of our flower beds which are coming on nicely with flowers sprouting up in each of the four beds.


Next we walked over to the mansion where we took shelter and began our discussion about recycling which was today’s topic. We talked about how recycling in our own homes can make a difference right now, what to recycle and how. Davina wants the children to work on a recycling project and take on the task of taking over the recycling at home to try and make sure we are recycling as much as possible and in the correct way.




  • Report back (as a percentage) how much of the large black wheelie bin is full on the fortnightly bin day.
  • Report back if any of the following items are needed - x2 recycling bins, x2 nets, x2 stickers to say what should be in each bin, x1 brown food caddy, x1 black food caddy.


The children are going to try to increase the amount of items that get recycled each week in their own homes by reducing what goes into the big bin for landfill.


It has been found that in Torbay alone 52% of what goes into the big bin could be recycled.


The children played a game of ‘what goes into each recycling bin’ and learnt that car batteries and broken electrical items can also be recycled through these!


17th May 2021


We didn’t get outside today due to the weather so we all got together and talked about our findings from last week which were forwarded onto Davina.


Next we discussed their ideas and action taken on the Green Influencers Scheme grant application. The group wrote up their ideas on how they would spend the money to improve the local green space and have sent it onto Davina who will now see if any of them can be put forward. The ideas ranged from opening a shop where the profits would be spent on the upkeep of the mansion, ways to decorate the area and make it more appealing, a film to advertise the space to the public and building animal houses to encourage wildlife to thrive.


Tim from Oldway volunteers sent us the following messages:

He is very happy with them being in the park and interested in helping. He also says he thinks it will be really exciting to see the group find out what a huge and successful impact they can have.
There is talk of having a scarecrow competition in the summer and he would love to open the event up to the group to run games/ fundraising and to dress up etc and to take charge of the day!
In a couple of weeks he is going to be giving each child their own baby oak tree to plant and take home and nurture - we will be doing some work around this on what we do now lives on in the future and its effects go on beyond us!
Finally, Davina is going to try to arrange a tour for the students which they will be able to invite their families to for free hopefully.


10th May 2021


The children were excited to see that some of the flowers in their beds were beginning to sprout. 


Today Davina explained that we would be mainly having an observation day, walking around Oldway grounds asking people questions; what do they use Oldway for? How often do they come? How do they know about it? What would they like to change? These were some of the responses gathered:


  • Need more dog bins
  • Poo bag vending machine
  • Tables to sit at
  • Toilets
  • More signs to explain where to walk around
  • They come here to walk their dogs, meet people and socialise
  • They want the mansion to be improved and opened up
  • Keep the tennis courts but resurface (we worked out that 25% of the ambassadors have played tennis here recently) 


Some of the reasons for the volunteers volunteering were: loneliness, love walking and being around Oldway, make money from the hut to spend on the gardens.


We also saw lots of wildlife such as squirrels and birds


Project explanation - Ernest Cook Green Influencers Project, young to take ownership and pride of local area, you are the tomorrow, your opinion matters. 


Finally Davina explained the seed fund grant available, £360 grant for a good idea, tools? Equipment? Tidy up area? Art Glen? Habitat area? Film advertising Oldway? Children should test popularity of the idea before putting it forward. 


26th April 2021

Davina from Groundworks and Tim from Oldway Gardens Volunteers introduced themselves to the group.

They want to know what people want from their local park and what they find important.


Tim had prepared x4 beds and Davina explained how and where to plant including how many sets to use.

First the children used trowels to turn over the soil, next they used small pots to scatter the seeds evenly, following this they raked the soil over and finally watered the beds and patted down.

In the event of no rain we will plan to take it in turns to water the beds, children were asked to bring in a watering can from home if possible