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Year Two

Welcome to Year Two!

On the class pages below you will find exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


You can also find helpful sheets for homework, letters home and our curriculum plans for the term. If you ever need any extra information about Year 2, let your class teacher know and we will try and put it on the website for all parents and children to use!



  • Monday 2nd December - Class 14 & 17
  • Tuesday 3rd December - Class 15 & 18
  • Wednesday 4th December - Class 13 & 16


Each child will be given two tickets for their parents/carers to come and watch on that night.  Tickets will be distributed nearer the time.

Dear Parents and Carers,


It,s getting close to that time of year again. Two tickets have been given to each child for our Christmas performance. This means that we will be busy rehearsing. Please can you make sure that your child knows their lines by heart and that they can deliver them with a clear confident, expressive voice?

Please can you send your costumes in a named plastic bag by 22nd November? 


We will shortly be designing and making Tudor houses out of cereal boxes. Your child will need to bring in a cereal box such as a Cornflake box by the end of next week at the latest. A letter will be sent out about this on Monday.


Many thanks for your help.

Year 2 Team



Thank you to everyone who came to the Year 2 Maths Workshop this afternoon. The presentation has been uploaded on to the website and can be found in the 'Workshop Presentations' folder.


A note about MyMaths Homework - If you are unable to access the MyMaths website at home, from now on we will put paper copies of the current homework in the office letter stand marked 'Year 2' for you to help yourself to.


Thank you

Mrs Claridge

Buttons, buttons, buttons!


 If you have any spare buttons of ANY SHAPE OR SIZE, please could you send them in to school? We are collecting them for our Insite afternoons coming up in October :) 

Thank you!




All Year 2 will always swim on a Friday afternoon. 2 classes will swim each half term which will rotate as below:


Autumn term 1 13/14
Autumn term 2 14/15
Spring term 1 15/13
Spring term 2 13/14
Summer term 1 14/15
Summer term 2 15/13

Photos of fire fighter visit

Photos of fire fighter visit 1
Photos of fire fighter visit 2
Photos of fire fighter visit 3