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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.
Oldway Primary School has a School Council made up of pupils from years 1 to 6.  One representative from each class is elected by their peers. Before the elections, children are asked to present to their class why they would make a good school council representative and then an official vote takes place. The School Council representatives then select a Head Boy and Head Girl from Year 6 to represent the school. Pupils have to apply for this position, seek references and even go through a ‘formal’ interview process conducted by their peers.


School Council meets every two - three weeks with Mrs Hartley to discuss their views (and the views of their class peers) on how certain aspects of the school should be run and other current issues. We are currently discussing ways in which to make the children in our school more healthy.  

This year our School Council is made up of:



Mrs Hartley and Mr Biddles





Jake Jones (Head Boy) Lauren Goodland (Head Girl)

Dominic Gagg (Deputy Head Boy) Anya Cowell (Deputy Head Girl)


Year 6 Maddy Dodwell (1) Rebecca Smith (2) Kayleigh Young (3)

Year 5

Lily Kiligancouch(4) Isobel Brown (5) Luke Harper (6)

Year 4

Liam Coombs (7) Libby Palfrey (8) Lara Tozer (9)

Year 3

Amy Higgs (10) Emily Passenger (11) Jake Granger(12)

Year 2

Gabe Shimmin(13) Kitty Forbes (14) Summer Holmes (15)

Year 1

Sophie Cleaver (16) Evie Dowell (17) Aurelie Christopher (18)


As our projects develop, we will update you on this page and we will post photos of us in action.


Click on the links below to read notes of our meetings or browse our photo gallery: