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School Uniform

School uniform is under consultation ahead of September 2022 - please see below


Dear Parents and Carers


You might be aware that last year, a new law was passed to cut the cost of school uniforms in England. By September, schools should have started making necessary changes to ensure uniforms are a fair price for families. As touched upon in the school newsletter, following the recent consultation with parents, children and staff, the decision has been made to make changes to the current Oldway school uniform. These changes will be phased in over the next academic year (Sept 2022-July 2023) so please be reassured current school uniform can still be used in the next school year.


The current white shirt and tie will be phased out and replaced with a polo shirt and option of navy jumper or current v-neck jumper. All of these are readily available at all leading supermarkets but an Oldway branded version will also be available from a local supplier. Information on the local supplier will be available soon.


Keeping with the current school tie colours, we want your child to choose the colour of the polo shirt: either light blue or navy blue (we feel white might be tricky to keep clean). To vote, please click on the link (one vote per child) below:

**************** Polo shirt colour choice****************


The school PE top colour will be changed to light blue. Again, a plain light blue t-shirt can be used or a light blue branded sports top will be available from the new local supplier. Once this is available, we are happy for this to be part of the school uniform this academic year - again there will be a phased approach of the next academic year for this uniform to be put in place. PE kit will be worn on PE days from next half term.


Over the next 2 weeks, I will work with the school council and our year 5s to discuss ways we can make the year 6 uniform more special as I am aware of the current ‘rite of passage’ when children transition from year 5 to year 6 change of tie. I am also aware of the current second hand uniform available on site - this will be something as a school we will support so all of our families are supported.


I will write to you soon with the finalised uniform list with purchasing options in the near future.


Kind regards

Mr Danny Brown