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Oldway School Fundraisers (OSF)

Oldway Sponsored Dance-a-Thon!



We are having a whole-school, all-day dance-a-thon on Wednesday 30 March 2022. Please sponsor us to raise money for play equipment and to develop the play areas in our school. We would like to purchase equipment for outside physical play, all-weather reading, sports, shaded quiet areas, gardening, performance areas and imaginative play. All of the money raised is for the children at Oldway Primary School – the more we raise, the more we can buy from our wish list! There will also be prizes on the day for best dance outfits and grooviest moves!


Thank you for your help. Donations will be returned to school on Monday 4 April 2022.


If you need a new or another sponsor form, please click on the PDF below.

Meet the OSF Trustees!


Jo Stanton (Chair)


My name is Jo Stanton, and I have been part of the OSF since 2018. I have 2 boys at Oldway, Harry in year 5 and Freddie in year 1.


At first, I got involved with helping at various events and fundraisers.  I met lots of lovely new people, and I found that giving some of my spare time to help raise vital funds for our school was really rewarding.  Following this, I became Chair of the OSF, to carry on the fantastic things that the volunteers had achieved previously, and we have had a lot of fun organising events and activities for our children. My favourite part is seeing the faces of my 2 boys light up when they see me helping around school!


We have raised thousands of pounds for the children to enhance their educational experience and school facilities, and we can’t wait to get back to it.  It is so rewarding being a member of the OSF, and all help, no matter how big or small, benefits our children and this amazing school. 


Claire Sinclair (Events) 


My name Is Claire Sinclair and I have been part of the Oldway School Fundraisers since my eldest joined the school in 2012. I have really enjoyed being involved at various levels over the years, some I sat back and just received updates, others were more involved, and I enjoyed helping with all the activities and attending meetings where I could have a say. 


The latter years I have co-ordinated and overseen the Christmas Market and Summer Fair. I love events and having managed large-scale events as part of my hospitality career.  It’s very rewarding to lend my skills to help raise money for such a lovely school. My children have always loved me being a part of the school and over the years have really enjoyed helping out with baking and even selling this at the stall during the events. I have one child left at Oldway now, the other two have made the move to secondary: James is in year 9 at Churston Ferrers and Libby in year 7 at Brixham College. Evie is in year 4 and looking forward to her first school disco.


I have lots of hobbies; water sports, crochet, running, drawing, cooking and reading to name but a few. All of which I try and squeeze in between being mum and housewife, ‘mum’ being the favourite pastime of them all

Treasurer: Louise Thomas (Treasurer)


I’m Louise, the OSF Treasurer. I’ve got two children at Oldway - Eve in year 4 and Beth finished Oldway in the summer and is now in year 7 at Churston Grammar School. I’ve enjoyed helping at some of the past OSF events and have organised the school discos. 


Becoming an OSF member

What does becoming a member mean?
We understand that some people may have concerns about joining the OSF, and we hope that by dispelling a few myths everyone will feel able to get involved in some way.
Do you have to attend all the meetings?
No you don't, you don't actually have to attend any. Whilst all of our members are of course welcome at any of our meetings, there are only a few members who are able to regularly attend. Joining the Fundraisers simply means you will receive regular e-mails or letters, which inform you of upcoming events, any help we are looking for, and how the funds that have been raised are being spent. It also gives you the opportunity to have your say, either through the meetings, or by contacting one of us by e-mail.
Are you expected to help at every event?
Definitely not, we really appreciate any help you are able to offer, and whether it is an hour at one event or a few hours spread throughout the year, it all helps us to provide more events and funding for the school and the children. We also, as working parents ourselves, understand how busy people’s lives are, and know that some members may find they are unable to help one year. We may ask for help, but we never expect it.
Do you have to be a school parent to become a member?
No, the main reason for changing our name from Parent and Teacher Association to Oldway School Fundraisers was to allow fathers, mothers, grandparents and extended family to join us. Do you know someone who would be interested in joining?
How can you help?
It is true that many hands make light work, and the more help we receive the more events we are able to hold. There are so many ways that anyone and everyone can get involved, either by helping us to organise an event, volunteering at the events whenever you can, or even helping us without leaving the house. Last term, a school Mum, secured £1000 in match funding from a bank, and a school Dad used his marketing skills to design our brilliant Christmas Fair poster. These things made a huge difference to our workload, and we are very grateful for their help.
We have also been lucky enough to have a small army of helpers, young and old, who came along to our events and leant a hand setting up, organising, selling, clearing away and everything else in between. We would not have been able to provide the children of Oldway school and their families with any of last year’s events without their help, and we would like to thank them all. I often get feedback from people who have volunteered to say they really enjoyed themselves, there is such a good atmosphere as everyone is there for a common cause.


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