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Who's Who

School Leadership Team


Executive Head of School 

Mr D Brown

Deputy Head and English Subject Lead

Mrs Z Milligan

Senior Assistant Head, Maths Subject Leader and Year Leader

Mr C Wearing


Assistant Head and Pupil Premium ChampionMs D Jackson

Assistant Head, SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs D Passenger

Assistant Head and Teaching Development Lead

Mrs C Claridge

Senior Manager of Administration

Miss J Carter


Classes, Teaching & Support Staff


Teaching Staff

Support Staff

Mrs R Peters



Class 1

Year 6

Mrs A Butterworth

Mrs D Churchward

Ms C Light

Mrs E Coombs

Miss C McKenna

Mrs H Christopher

Joint Year Leader

Class 2

Ms C Bryan

Joint Year Leader

Class 3


Mr A Dore


Class 4

Year 5

Mrs K Layland

Mrs H Moylan-Jones

Mrs J Cornhill

Mrs D Court

Mrs A Babat

Mrs D Czetyrba

Mrs A Bloomfield


Class 5

Mr T Ginnever

Year Leader

Class 6


Mr N Harman &

Mrs J Thompson


Class 7

Year 4

Miss L Lewis

Mrs M Pattison (mornings only)

Ms M Wilmore (Maternity leave)

Mrs K Tribble (mornings only)

Ms J Eccles

Miss A White

Mr C Wearing 

& Mrs J Thompson

Senior Assistant Head & Year Leader

(C Wearing)

Class 8

Mr M Dale


Class 9


Mr R Farwell


Class 10

Year 3

Mrs A Law

Mrs L Davey

Ms L Heath

Ms J Cardall

Miss H Oliver

Ms S Irwin

Miss A Derby

Year Leader

Class 11

Mrs L Worthington


Class 12


Mrs A Cochrane


Class 13

Year 2

Mrs P George

Ms J Cardall

Ms J Knight

Ms D Jackson

Assistant Head & Year Leader

Class 14

Miss E Bolton


Class 15


Mrs D Talbot


Class 16

Year 1

Ms N Purdie

Mrs S Shepherd 

Mrs M Bragagnolo

Mrs A Sweeny 

Ms E Stoneman

Ms A Cleave

Ms K Coles

Mrs K Harris


Mrs E Child

Year Leader

Class 17

Miss H Millward


Class 18


Miss K Squirrell


Class 19


Mrs L Gilpin

Mrs F Gibling

Ms K Denham

Mrs M Bragagnolo

Ms J Burgess

Mrs C Tummon

Mrs A Brown

Ms J Cornhill

Miss S Jones

Year Leader

Class 20

Miss E Daw


Class 21


Mrs S Woods


Mrs L Chalk

Mrs A Mason


Part-time teachers

Specialist teaching



Mrs K Waring

PE Lead

Mrs J Thompson

Year 4 teacher (part-time)

Mrs L Darvid

Arts Lead

Mrs S Harman

Year 6 teacher (part-time)


Attendance Officer (am, fortnightly)



Rainbow Room (Nurture Class)



Mrs N Rose

SEN Teacher & Designated Teacher for CLA

Mrs K MarshallTeacher (part-time)Miss H Oliver 
  Ms K Kendall 
Mrs A FortuneYear 6 Teacher (part-time)  
Mrs L BatemanIntervention Teacher   



Pastoral Team


Mrs T Clark

Swimming Teacher

Miss E RoweFamily Support Worker

Mrs C Powell

Swimming AssistantMs F Clark


Ms Z Haycock

Swimming Assistant

Ms G Sisk


  Mrs S Richardson 
First Aid Ms S Hickey 
Miss E Williams Mrs D Court 




Mr M Stone

Technology Manager

Mr A Paton




Mr B Glanville

Evening Caretaker


Miss N Oliver

Speech and Language Teaching Assistant



Mrs K TribbleSpecialist Art Teaching Assistant  


Breakfast Club


Late Club


Mrs M Pattison

Breakfast Club Lead

Ms D Churchward

Late Club Lead

Miss F Jeffries

Mrs L Davey

Miss D Green

Mrs C Powell

Miss J Burgess

Miss F Jeffries

Mrs V Bridle

Miss D Green

School Office Admin Team

Meal Time Assistants

Miss J Carter

Senior Manager of Administration

Ms P Derby

Mrs E Wale

Miss E Williams

Senior Office Administrator

Ms D Churchward

Mrs T Clark

Mrs G Endacott

Office Administrator

Ms S Hickey

Miss F Jeffries

Miss N George


Mrs M Pattison

Mrs J Watts


Mrs C Powell

Mrs G Sisk

Cleaning staff

Miss J Burgess

Mrs A Sweeney

Mrs D Mills

Mrs M Helliwell

Ms S Burgess

Mrs E Bone

Mrs L Ambury

Mr G Lindon

Mrs K Kendall

Mrs L Davey

Miss J Burgess

Mrs L Humphreys

Ms N Oliver

Mrs C Tummon

Ms P Derby


Ms J Knight

Mrs A Babat


Ms J Cornhill

Mrs S Duckett

Ms S Irwin

Mrs D Czetyrba

Mrs D Court

Mrs V Bridle

Mrs H Hobbs

Mrs A Cleave

Mrs K Harris

Mrs S Uddin

Mrs K Coles

Ms J Cooper

Mrs S RichardsonMs D Goodrich
Ms E StonemanMs K Harris
Mrs K KingMrs A Brown
Ms F Quantrill-George 


Riviera Education Trust Team/Riviera Training School Team


Mr S Biddles

CEO of Riviera Education Trust

Mrs D Weible

Director of Education for Riviera Education Trust

Mr L Vallance

Chief Finance Officer for Riviera Education Trust

Mrs L Toms

Director of Riviera Training School Alliance

Mrs W Vreony

Assistant Director of Riviera Training School Alliance

Miss J Carter

Senior Manager of Administration for Riviera Education Trust

Mrs F Steele

CPD Administrator for Riviera Training School Alliance & Clerk to the Governors/Trustees

Mrs B Merriman

Senior Finance Officer

Mrs L Ashton

Finance Officer

Mrs T Snowden

Finance Officer

Mrs A McMahon

Finance Assistant

Mrs C Foulds

Human Resources Director for Riviera Education Trust

Mrs J Stobie

Human Resources Advisor for Riviera Education Trust

Mrs S Harris

Human Resources Administrator for Riviera Education Trust

Mrs K RobinsonHuman Resources Administrator for Riviera Education Trust

Miss D Green

Conference Facilitator for Riviera Training School Alliance

Mrs J Christian

Operations Manager (IT, Caretaking and Premises) for Riviera Education Trust