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What are our aims?

At Oldway, we recognise that learning to read is essential for accessing learning across the curriculum, reading for information and reading for pleasure.  We aim for all children to see themselves as readers and become confident and fluent readers who have a love of books across a variety of genres.


Prioritising reading

Reading is at the heart of Oldway’s curriculum and culture so that children then have the skills to learn effectively across the curriculum.  Reading is prioritised from the start of children’s school journey by:


  • all teaching staff recognising the importance of reading;
  • giving sufficient time to the teaching of reading, daily;
  • following a systematic synthetic phonics programme so that children have strong decoding skills and a range of additional strategies to decipher unknown words and to be sufficiently fluent to have a deep understanding of what has been read;
  • having purposeful learning environments and well-chosen resources to encourage a love of reading;
  • select engaging and challenging texts for guided reading, class stories and texts to support reading for information across the curriculum.