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Upcoming mental health events

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Please take time to address Mental Health and wellbeing with your children. You can do this by dedicating an afternoon to it, or engaging with an activity each day.


Here are a few ideas you may like to consider:

  • A Zen Den, Peace Out, Cosmic Yoga session (all available on Youtube uploaded by Cosmic Kids Yoga)
  • Go for a walk
  • Share a story and have a chat
  • Create some beach or forest art
  • Carry out a sensory activity like baking, playdough or water play and draw attention to how it feels, smells, sounds etc
  • Go Noodle have lots to offer and are worth browsing.  Here are a few that may be of interest:

Rainbow Breath


You Are Courage


Relieve Anxiety, Empowerment Tools


Find Peace


Let It Go


Mindfulness colouring (some pictures for printing and colouring are below)